Vorstelijk Landschap

Sexy Slow TV

to see true beauty and feel spiritual connection to the landscape, it´s key to learn how to watch. To feel the peace and take the time to learn to see the little things.. The sun enchanting the colours on a field of corn, listen what crickets do during golden hoto sunset..

As a program maker i thought it would be a little rebellious to the break with the laws of YouTube and tv to do the opposite of what we see everyday. Make hours of slow tv in the landscape so you can watch this on your smartphone or smart tv. To experience nature of Tilburg in realtime and research and try to make this sexy or find sexyness in the landscape

The Gatekeepers

The gatekeepers are like a security company watching the gate of the hive on what and who comes in. But it also tells us, the importance of making insects sexy… Fascinating!

King Willem 2

To understand the context of the city and the landscape of Tilburg. And why the landscape is called Royal. The most significant but also great story is the story about Killing Willem 2 and his relation to Tilburg. This long and exclusive interview with biographer and researcher Jeroen van Zanten (UVA) is one of the coolest interviews I ever did. Because of the beautiful story, but also because it’s full of information which isn’t present or that well researched than he did..

Vlogging seniors

Since I started vlogging I gave a lot of lessons to different kids. But making seniors log is my absolute favorite thing. They got a lot to say and they are totally open to try.

Vlogging as a pitching method

To pitch my plan as a program maker for documenting the project Vorstelijk Landschap, I made a vlog with the intention to pitch my plan and findings but also reflect my research which lead to my plan.

Weekly tv show: Danny Vanderlane

In 2018 I started a weekly vlogchannel. To research this new way of communicating and presentation and innovate my own way to find new audiences. My channel is about my struggle on my way to a little more succes and my transformation from an artist to a designer. 

The Black Vlog

As an artvlogger my aim besides storytelling is to find ways to make art from Vlogging. Or make design from blogging. One of my best efforts is the Black vlog. An ode to those who stick out their necks to change and experiment for any art or music. It messes with the expectation of what blogging is and what it should be…

Vlogging from Virtual Reality

Blogging from and in Virtual Reality is It offers you to transform digitally and be really creative and innovative