Danny van der laan

In  2014 i gratuated as a master of Education in Arts. Since then i worked as a programmaker at MU artspace in Eindhoven, projectleader FHK Safari at Fontys Hogeschool voor de kunsten, Programmaker Vorstelijk Landschap Fontys FHK, as workshopleader for 4XM Hiphopworkshops and as a teacher (CKV, Talent development, Creativity and Entrepeneurship at Vitalis College in Breda. I worked with WO, HBO, MBO, VWO, Havo, Mavo, VMBO, PO and praktijkschool.

My expertise and research field lies in the field of Reverse Mentoring (connecting old and young generations) and innovative art education with tools like Virtual Reality. But from my interdisciplinary background i`m at my best when i can mix hybrid theory and practice.

I worked with Dutch Design Week, Sint Lucas, STRP, Lang leve Kunst, Kunstroute 65, Fontys and many others.. Check out my portfolio for more!




project development, management

Progam maker

innovative education and storytelling

reverse mentoring expert

connecting generations and innovate business!


talent development, contemporary art and culture education