the beginning of something beautiful

when painting comes design

‘The beginning of something beautiful’ is an international experience bringing the world imagination, elegance, lightness, light, enlightment, positivity and beauty.
It’s a gift and space you give to someone you love. Someone in need. Someone in change, someone needs hope. To celebrate life and beauty. 

how i became a designer

Art & Design


For a few years i was trying to paint icelandic light. this was just the start of something bigger, something more than just painting. It became an experience design to share beauty and change

Making these paintings was not just painting, but a spiritual and learning development that was the most radical i ever did. From expressing expressionistic to come clean, elegant and perfect styled painting. Because of my intentions and subject these paintings became more than just paint on a canvas. They became an experience, a story, a space, a feeling to give..


Invited to the exhibition Spiegelhol i wanted to let people experience the almost impossible..How it`s like to be a turd..

Initiator and philospher Pieter Vastbinder and me, were about 6 years ago? talking about my statement in mirroring philosophy that shit is the mirror the soul. When he asked me to come up with something for this group exhibtion, making an experience design for people to experience how it’s likje to be a turd was an Obvious decision.. 

the disa

Crossmedia experience

The disappearance of Danny van der Laan is a transmedia storytelling performance.

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